Lonely is the first animated short film from director Filipe Consoni.
We follow the story of a nameless character through her day-by-day loneliness, she’s at the edge of giving up when things get weird.
Through a variety of landscapes and situations that feels surreal and sometimes almost abstract at first, each viewer can take their own interpretation within the story that unfolds.
Lonely’s ultimate goal is to raise the conversation about mental health awareness.
When Filipe invited me to participate on his very first short film I understood it as a clear opportunity to develop new skills while doing meaninful art with great artists.

I had the pleasure to work on many scenes, doing cel animation, motion, comp and even clean up. Definitely a lot of challenges along the whole project, going out of my comfort zone and exploring new workflows.

Here are my fave shots:
Rough by Adelir Boeira, clean up by Filipe Consoni, motion and comp by Henrique Zago.
Rough, clean up, motion and comp by Adelir Boeira.
Off-model rough, motion and comp by Adelir Boeira, clean up by Francine Rocha.
Parents' rough by Filipe Consoni and Gustavo Mochiuti, clean up by Francine Rocha and Adelir Boeira.
Children's rough and clean up by Adelir Boeira.
Motion and comp by Adelir Boeira.
Rough by Guilherme Gurian and Filipe Consoni.
Clean up by Francine Rocha.
Motion and comp by Adelir Boeira and Filipe Consoni.
Rough by Adelir Boeira.
Clean up by Adelir Boeira and Filipe Consoni.

Motion by Filipe Consoni and Adelir Boeira.
Motion and comp by Adelir Boeira.
Final movement animation by 
Gustavo Mochiuti.
Creative Director: Filipe Consoni
Production: Fern
Executive Producer: James Mabery

Art Director: Jefferson Biglia

Design: Filipe Consoni, Jefferson Biglia

Animation: Adelir Boeira, Deco Daviola, Filipe Consoni, Guilherme Gurian, Gustavo Mochiuti, Henrique Zago, Mateus Canto, Natalia Faria, Pola Lucas, Wander Deley
Cleanup: Adelir Boeira, Dazy Teodoro, Filipe Consoni, Francine Rocha, Jefferson Biglia, Natalia Faria

CompositionAdelir Boeira, Filipe Consoni, Henrique Zago, Mateus Canto

Music & Sound Design: Saulo Baumgartner

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