I was invited by Histeria! to animate some scenes for Netflix's brazilian promotion of Army of The Dead featuring Bonde do Tigrão, an iconic brazilian funk group.
Check out the Behance project for more details and behind-the-scenes.
Client: Netflix Brasil
Agency: SUNO United Creators
Production: Pródigo and Histeria!
Directed by: Cisma
Executive Production: Priscilla Paduano, Marcelo Moreno, Daniel Kano, Tatiana Sato
Producers: Fabi Kalil and Luan Luiz
Editing: Pródigo
Art Director: Daniel Kano
Concept Art: Daniel Kano and Victor Tchaba
Arts: Daniel Kano, Victor Tchaba, Jon Suguiyama, Mateus Carvalho, Ju Sting, Caio Bucaretchi, Diogo Aso, Allan Arello
Animation Director: Jannerson Xavier
Animation / Motion: Gabriela Zaneti, Vinicius Ricardo, Daniel Barros, Gabriel Rocha, Adelir Boeira
Rotoscopy: Caique Veloso
Post-Production, Comp and Color Grading: Daniel Kano and Gabriela Zaneti
Audio: Satelite Audio

Music: Bonde do Tigrão - Roubo Muito Louco, o medley

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