I got to work with BUCK on the brand film for Madhive, a tech company engineered for modern TV advertising, animating and giving life to the final scene.
The challenge was to make something that would speak to the snappy and bitsy style of the film, while communicating the expansion of Madhive to the world in a smooth way. All of that combined with the rotating globe ending on the new Madhive's logo 🌎 
Client: Madhive

Production: BUCK

Exectuive Creative Director: Vincent Lammers

Executive Producer: Chance Woodward

Creative Director: Ward Graumans

Producer: Bárbara Scatolini

Production Coordinator: Bénédicte Gold-Dag

Animation Director: Joe Brooks

Art Director: Estefan Richter

3D Lead: João Rema

Design: Bernd Bousard, Estefan Richter, Jerry-Lee Bosmans, Rasmus Stenberg, Yana Abramova

3D Animation: João Rema, Sonal Jadhav

Animation: Adelir Boeira, Filipe Consoni, Joe Brooks, Jonas Elsgaard, Philip von Borries

Global Head of Post Production: Paal Rui

Edit: Daniel Silveira


Music & Sound Design: Antfood

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